About Us

Our Hispanic Marketing Approach

Understanding Your Needs

For us, every successful partnership begins with a keen understanding of our client’s unique needs and the solutions that will serve them best. Whether you need a one-time marketing solution or day-to-day service, we tailor our approach to your specific requirements.

Collaborating with Businesses and Agencies

Do you need someone to take charge of your Hispanic marketing or just assist with it? Whether you’re a business or an agency, we love working with you on a project basis or providing ongoing service. From full jingle production to weekly Spanish marketing services, we execute with precision.

Full Responsibility and Creativity

When you entrust us with your Hispanic marketing, you’re getting a team passionate about creativity and understanding the heart and soul of Latin culture. We take charge of every aspect, from the brand and objectives to the logistics, analytics, and continuity.

A Rich Understanding of Latino Diversity

Latinos are like M&M’s; we all come in different shapes and colors. Crafting a message for various platforms or cultures requires careful attention, as words can mean different things among Latino groups. We know this intricate landscape and navigate it expertly.

Integrated Marketing Solutions

We are strong proponents of integrated marketing, blending a variety of services such as copywriting, jingles, video production, outdoor advertising, community relations, public relations, digital marketing, social media, analytics, and more. Our promotion mixes won’t be compromised by lack of resources, ensuring the effectiveness of the campaign and maximizing the return on your marketing investment.

Our Commitment to Your Success

Our business is to help our clients increase their business. All activities are marketing-driven, based on specific needs and strategies to provide measurable results. Let us be your partner in reaching the Latino market with empathy, creativity, and proven expertise.

Our Story

For more than 30 years, I have been engaged in a large number of marketing projects. My education is in Law, Music, Acting and Communications. I have worked as talent, in-sales, and as a producer since 1990. I have a big passion for creating content for electronic, print, and social media.

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