Jingle Production Copy & Musical Writing

So happy to do another media production for Norsan Group – one of our first customers supporting us – since 1994. I know that in the DNA of this corporation there is nothing, but quality – everything they do has to be great. So it was mandatory that I try their product before I even write a word or sing a melody and I did! Since then I don’t buy packaged cheese.

Quesos San Carlos has a line of Cheeses that are available in Mexican Supermarkets and are served (in most of the cases) by the butchers and deli people. So it is important that customers ask for them (¡Pidelos Ya!) Why? Because the flavor of the Quesos San Carlos is 100% Natural – so great! Just Try Them! (¡Basta Que Los Pruebes!) Of Course the Melody of the song should be Catchy and Memorable. My customer like it and his customers sing it!

This Not a TV Commercial – It is Only a Job Video “Sheet” Creative Copy – Musical Writing – Production…


This is a Jingle Package & Branding for Quesos San Carlos.

Custom Jingles are the best for your branding!

A good jingle is like a bumper sticker but in people’s minds


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