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Media / TV Productions

Back in the 90’s Hispanic Television was so affordable in the Atlanta Metro Area. The Advertising Cable System had the availability to market the Latino Channels by inserting commercial spots on those networks by cable zone. The cost of the spot was so affordable that it allowed many businesses to have some TV time. The amount of work among latino media producers was massive.
Nowadays, we can see the same type of phenomenon if you manage your Social Media correctly.

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Audio / Jingles

Before the time of AUX and Bluetooth, a typical car ride revolved around your favorite radio station and host, and there was nothing like a catchy jingle to give you something to hum along to for the whole day. Though generations are moving from AM/FM radio, the fact that a good jingle makes your brand be uppermost in people’s mind holds true. In 1992 I decided to look for the right studio and the right people to start my jingle and radio production business. I found Creation Studios in Hapeville, Ga owned by Byron Kramer where I began our first jingles and radio productions. Today, we continue to produce those nostalgic jingles that you can’t get out of your head, using social media as the new platform as well as all the platforms from before.

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Integrated Marketing & Media

After creating Jingles, TV Commercials, Print ads, etc. in 1997, we started a full agency that provided Media & Production Services. We launched our website in 2000 with a full media platform including video streaming. During the Pre-YouTube days- early 2000’s- we created, produced, and coordinated a Hispanic Bachelor-esque contest with La Que Buena Radio Morning Crew. The final event was video recorded and published on our website and quickly had 60,000 views. The entire concept was something never before done or witnessed. We were able to bring traffic to our site, keep the Radio Show high in Ratings, and bring awareness and branding to the Event Hall.

Content is the key to winning in your Media Strategies. Whether you are telling a story, explaining the fundamentals of dark matter, or even giving a tutorial on how to make a ceviche- the relevance of the content to the audience is what will attract your perfect customers.

Just look around, all you see is nothing but people on their phones, looking at something that will make them smile, learn, think, or interact.

Have you noticed that right now Social Media is offering you an opportunity to reach hundreds, thousands, or millions of prospects?

Your brand needs content that will keep it foremost in customers’ minds and the right conversion formula.

Your audience is the most important asset you have, therefore do not hesitate to offer an experience that will make them smile, learn, or be part of your brand. Let us help you engage with your customers.

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