Marketing Videos

A Marketing Video will be one of your Best and Most Effective Marketing Tools.

– Here Are Some of Our Marketing Videos –

This is a Spanish Marketing Video produced for Mi Llamada.

This is a Spanish Marketing Video produced for Mi Llamada. Mi Llamada is a long distance prepaid service that offers a better alternative than the popular Long Distance Calling Cards. This was a new product-service and the general consumer was not fully aware of it.

Mi Llamada marketing team uses this video in Festivals, Public Events, Point of Sale, etc.

Marketing Video for Tradebank of Atlanta

Working with key staff TB members we were able to come up with a good marketing driven script.
We had a great participation from TB members (merchants). These members accept Tradabank in their business and they were very happy to share their testimonials.
You want your prospect customers to quickly be aware of the benefits of your product. All of our video productions are marketing driven.

Marketing Video for NorthStar Drywall Taping Tools

This is a Marketing Video produced for a Construction Tool manufactured by Tool Pro.

This video shows in 3 minutes the features of the product. The Tool Pro Marketing team use this video in trade shows all over USA.

A Marketing Video will help you with your Sales and Promotion Objectives.