Overdubs In Spanish for Your Marketing Videos

When translating marketing materials from English to Spanish (and vice-verse)… I would recommend to consider a very close attention to detail – in the process of adaptation. It needs to make sense to your audience… In this video and in any overdubs we add another component, the phonetics… That can be very tricky… Lip syncing!

Sometimes you just have to choose meaning in the message objective rather than how it looks in lip syncing. In this case comes clear how phonetics worked great…

I’m always in favor to include testimonials in your promotion mix, as long as, they are real testimonials or dramatizations of real testimonials. Be honest with your audience.

In here… I’m promoting my marketing services (consulting and production)… Not Your Hair Restoration… But if you need some help with your hair loss… Check them (HRS) out… They’re awesome.

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