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Together We Create
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A Day At Work

Wether is a TV, Radio or Print Ad our production service will include original concept development, meetings and conferences, copywriting, music and lyrics, audio, video production, editing, computer layout and design, color comps and proofs for approval, printing and production estimates. Please also download our PDF.

This is a Day At Work for TV Commercial.



Companies seek a strong brand position with high name awareness not because of egos or the pleas of their advertising agencies.  A strong brand position helps to increase their bottom line by creating name recognition of products and services.

Companies use brand marketing to:

• Provoke immediate action to sign up prospective customers;

• Keep their company or product uppermost in customers’ minds;

• Keep current customers sold and feeling smart about having chosen the product;

• Get potential customers thinking favorably about the company and products;

• Maintain top-of-mind awareness of the product and its benefits;

• Communicate specific information; and

• Build and maintain the loyalty and commitment of the community.

Once a leadership position in a product or service category is established in the minds of the Latino audience, it costs the competition at least three to four times as much in advertising dollars to catch up – if they ever do.

The Hispanic market is extremely loyal. If you own the high ground it’s very difficult for a competitor to take it away.

Video Illustrations

FB – IG Campaign – Holiday Greetings
It is very important to stay in touch in Holidays with tailored materials such as this one where we are considering that Latinos are not only one kind.

We are an array of different groups that relate because of the language and other beautiful traditions. In this video illustration we are thinking of the different ways latinos call work in Latinoamerica.

For FB & IG Campaign

Branding – Campaña de Imagen for Tony DelCampo

Recognition for his career in the Public Service as a Judge and as Georgia State Bar Secretary.

Video – HD Aspect Ratio – Also available for Instagram Aspect Ratio 1:1

In crafting a message, we recognize that it needs to:

• Create and maintain a consistent brand identity

• Appeal to all target audiences, ranging from workers to families to business owners and Latino professionals

• Offer extensions for community relations efforts

• Craft a message that supports and conveys the familial dependability offered by your brand.

Creative Writing And Jingle Productions

A jingle for your brand is like a “Bumper Sticker in People’s Mind”.
We clearly understand that your Radio and TV Comerciales, as well as your presentations in Trade Shows, Websites and in many other Multimedia Projects need to capture the attention of your audience. We create jingles in any style you want or need. Do you need a Southern Rock Jingle? We can Do it! Do you need a Mariachi Style Jingle? We can Do it! We have more than 30 years producing Jingles and Voice Overs.
For your voice overs… we got from deep low and serious voices to friendly and energetic personalities.

This is our Jingle Reel:

Creative and Memorable productions sometimes are helpful to create branding.

TV Commercial For Bank Services.

Funny Story of A Mother Law coming to live with daughter and husband.

He got a loan to build an extra room for her.

TV Commercial / Boots Branding
She is expecting a kiss from her husband who is coming home
in a rush looking for his boots. She didn’t handle it well.

Video Commercial for English TV Channel such as Fox 5.
Attorney Calvin Smith

Insurance Companies are not the side of the Car Accident Victims

(I have written several TV commercial for English Channels and Networks)

Testimonials On Video For TV, Social Media or Digital Marketing are extremely important in your promotion mix

These Are Few Dramatizations of Specific Real Cases:


Marketing Videos

A Marketing or Instructional Video would be an important tool for your promotional needs and maybe could help your organization understand better systems in place.

Here is a Marketing Video used for the Sales Force of an Construction Tools Company.

Here is a segment of Marketing Video produced for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Video – Audio Spanish Overdubs
are extremely important in your promotion mix

Testimonials – Spanish Overdubs for Websites and Social Media.

Here you can see not only our translation work, but the benefit of a good adaptation.

Good Adaptations will help your video look natural and it will be easier to prospect clients to pay attention to the message.

In case there are video materials already made in English we would recommend to use our overdubs’ services.



As the Hispanic population grows in America, We will never find a more opportune time to position your company as a Latino community leader, with a public relations, community affairs and advertising campaign to communicate it’s strong familial ties to the target market.

It is not enough to speak Spanish, to gain trust an institution must be one with its target market.

Authentic Latino graphics, music, jingles, commercials, community events and promotions are each important component of an integrated marketing campaign to establish an image of familial trust and leadership for the institution and its services.

Photography, graphics, copy, design and above all, the music, should be genuinely Latino and genuinely moving and memorable, reflecting the brand image as a reliable and dependable member of the Latino family. These materials are often the first – and sometimes the only – contact the company has with its prospective customers until they decide to contact you.

We recommend that the marketing materials maintain a degree of continuity across all aspects of the company. This maximizes the impact of the marketing message, while reducing development costs.

While advertising helps to build awareness through repeat exposures, community relations and event marketing will ultimately put you in physical contact with it’s customers and facilitate the opportunity to initiate a relationship. We will work with you to create a high impact community relations program designed to impact both individuals, families, companies, and professionals to help you reach more prospects and ultimately increase the bottom line.

Creating Stories for PR

Creating Stories for Media is a very important component in the
promotion mix. Professional Journalist appreciate when you think of their
audience and present stories that may be helpful for their lives or just
keep them informed.

Here attorney Tony DelCampo is invited to explain when it is legally correct and justifiable that an employer could enforce the use of only English at work.

Here attorney Tony DelCampo is part of a community show on Univision Channel 34 to explain the political battle president Trump had regarding the 2020 elections results.

Rolando Almazan in a Radio Interview with Chikiss en la Que Buena Atlanta 101.9FM to promote live in their show afternoon show a full-service mortgage banker to purchase your home.


Radio - TV - Entertainment

Since 1982

Raxe en My Life

In 1982 we founded in Monterrey Mexico a Metal Rock Band (Raxe). That allowed me to perform in many professional recordings, at the same time I was very well exposed in media. At a young age I was in TV recordings, Radio Interviews, Newspapers Interviews, Concerts with more than 10,000 people, among other activities that really helped me with my career. We and our music were very well accepted by audiences in México, Texas, and Panama. That experience helped me create such an awareness on how to manage media, and understanding that there is nothing more important in the world of entertainment than monitor the “pulse of the audience”. After that I was invited to be part (as a morning show talent) of one of the best radio stations in México 99.8FM, Energy 99. Where I learned how to do radio cuts, radio remotes, create scripts “on the go”, improvise all the time, interview big celebrities, manage crises, etc.

99ers Collage

After many years of working in Atlanta producing Jingles, TV Commercials, Community Events, Having different Radio Shows, etc… We founded our own Online Rock Music Station.



A large group of people in Latinoamérica love Rock Music from artists from all over the world (In English and In Spanish).

And we wanted to put some effort into a media that promotes the music that we love so much, and at the same time, we are investing in a new strategic tool of marketing for our customers.
We broadcast 24/7 Rock Music from artists from all over the world (Emerging Rock Artists and Worldwide Rock Legends).

We broadcast music and pre-recorded and live radio shows through our streaming on our website.

We interview artists from all over the world on our shows and people can listen these shoes on our Streaming on www.rockradioandmore.com, and listen and watch us on Social Media (FB Lives).

With our Social Media and Content we have been able to reach (sometimes) up to more than couple millions people per month (in the world). During 2020 (pandemia) we were able to reached almost 9 million people.

Rock Radio And More is a great source to create content for artists, promoters and professionals; and companies in general thanks to our interviews.


Following you can see different type of Ads for Social Media in Spanish:

Legal Services

Rock Music Station

Marketing Services

Please Download our PDF presentation for more samples and information about print ads, advertorials, sales promotions, etc.

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In the last 30 years I have been engaged with a large number of marketing projects. I’ve been creating Jingles, Musical Backgrounds, Radio Cuts, Voice Overs, TV Commercials, Video Presentations, Advertorials, Print Materials, Social Media, Community & Public Relations and much more for customers like:

Ole Mexican Foods, Tortillas La Banderita, Comcast, Kroger, DelCampo, Grayson Lopez LLC, AT&T Broadband, El Azteca Mexican Restaurant, Norsan Group, Frontera Mex Mex Grill, among many other brands including Banks and other financial institutions.

I have a big passion for creating content for media and keep my brands connected with their audiences.

Thanks For Your Time

Eduardo Fernández