Español – Translations

Latinos are like M&M’s! We come in different colors, and “shapes”, we are not a “one simple group”. We are a complexed market audience and now a days it got even more interesting. Our young and new Latino Americans are part of the whole market. You can try an English, Spanish or Spanglish approach to create a message, but never forget there is something beyond the language, and that is the Culture.

Digital Marketing

Unless you are selling the last Coke in the Desert, you need to understand to be patient and show your audience that you care about them. You may have the right product, the right service, and perhaps you want to connect with your targeted audience, now it is time to find the right message and the effective marketing tools. We work on creating the content needed to attract your customers and use social media, blog, and website management to share the messaging.

Production & Integrated Marketing

Once we have created the message and the strategy – we then produce the marketing tools, such as the jingle, the music, the videos, and depending on what your audience needs we also provide other services such as events- each one tailored for your company’s niche. In the past 26 years, we have established an array of relationships with people in media and with the community in general. We understand very well our Hispanic market including the audience.

¡Ahora Sigues Tu!

If you are serious about creating a relationship with the Latino Market let us know more about you to help you tailor your message. Get your Spanish Marketing Tools.